A Legacy to Protect the Future of Nature

© Jenny Jonak / WWF-US

For more than 50 years, World Wildlife Fund has been working to make our planet safer and healthier: solving problems, reducing threats and creating solutions. From our forests to our oceans, from our fresh water to our wildlife, from our food to our climate—WWF’s work has had an impact on the quality of life on our planet.

Everything we have accomplished, we have accomplished together. Our work has been successful in the past and will be successful in the future because of the partnership and support of individuals who have made a financial commitment to WWF.

In addition to immediate gifts, there are a number of ways you can support WWF in the future. These options are outlined in more detail in the following pages.

As you will see, giving through your estate and financial plans can take many forms, but the simplest way to accomplish this is through a gift in your will or living trust. Gifts through your retirement plans or life insurance are other options. There are also giving plans that feature income back to you or your loved ones. Most of these types of gifts feature various tax benefits. They all, however, have one thing in common: Each gift makes an impact on the work we do.

Read on to discover how you can make WWF part of your legacy and, in doing so, protect life on our planet for future generations.